How to Throw the Ultimate Party

When it comes to throwing a memorable party, there are a few steps involved that will save you stress while also keeping your home (and your flooring) in good shape. Read on to learn more about simple things to keep in mind when planning a get together, no matter how big or small!

Outdoor Decorations

Believe it or not, your party prep extends outside of your home! In case your guests are running late and you’re still scrambling to make preparations, make sure to provide a distinctive marker outside so everyone can easily identify where the party is. Speaking of your entrance, it’s still winter and these colder months produce the pesky ‘slush’ of ice, snow, dirt, and mud on the ground. Make sure to arm your entranceways with outdoor mats to keep the particles outside.An olefin mat will provide the valuable surface that can scrape grit from the bottoms of footwear and minimize its presence in your home.

Delicious Recipes

There’s a good chance that the menu at your Christmas and New Year get-togethers had a formal presentation. For parties, keep the selections fun and finger-food heavy! Items like chicken wings, meat skewers, chips and dip, veggie trays, cookies, and chocolate-dipped pretzels are perfect for snacking and socializing. Opt for exciting flavor variations like Asian BBQ and Greek spice for savory items and sea salt and caramel instead of the ordinary chocolatey sweets. Also, review your flooring manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning up food spills ahead of the party. Your laminate, vinyl, or hardwood will be easier to wipe up, but your carpet or area rugs may need a quick care routine. Don’t stress about food and drink spills, but do be prepared!

Ample Seating

One of the best parts of hosting a party is how fun and informal you get to be! Think of it as a tailgate inside your home, but cozier. Many of your guests will love to stand and move around, but it’s wise to have plenty of seats as the night wears on. Your seating options don’t have to match…they just need to be comfy. Think camping chairs, folding chairs, bean bags, futons, and upholstered chairs from other rooms in the house. If you anticipate rearranging heavy furniture or chairs scooting around, make sure to apply felt pads underneath the legs to avoid damaging any hard-surface flooring.

Extra Trash Receptacles

You’ll want plenty of trash receptacles present for guests to immediately discard of plates, drinks, and napkins when they are finished. The longer food and drinks sit around on tables and chairs, the more likely it can be knocked over and end up on your floors. Keep more than one trashcan out in the open. You may consider lining a large cardboard box with a jumbo trash bag for easy disposal. Adherence to this step will make your post-party clean-up all the more easier, and your floors will thank you!

For all of your flooring needs before and after your epic party, visit the Barrett Floors showroom in Prescott, AZ and our flooring professionals will help you get prepared for the next event!

Family Sitting Around an Area Rug