Hardwood installation

Now that you've purchased your beautiful new hardwood flooring, you can sit back and let the experts at Barrett Floors handle the hard stuff! This quick guide will help prepare you for installation day and will help you know exactly what to expect.

Preparing for installation

A few days before installation, we'll deliver your hardwood to your home so it can acclimate to the temperature and moisture conditions of your home. This is key to a proper installation! We'll also clear out any furniture from the room in which your hardwood will be installed.

During and after installation

A member of your household who is at least 18 or older should be available to greet the installation crew and show them to the work area. For everyone’s safety, keep children and pets away from the work area until the job is done. Feel free to ask your lead installer any questions you might have about the finished product.

Care & maintenance

It's extremely important to implement a proper care and maintenance routine to keep your hardwood flooring looking its best for many years to come. Follow these care tips!